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Man arrested for flashing a fake CIA badge at an officer who pulled him over in China in order to get out of ticket

By Mason White 11:09 AM June 29, 2017
Dan Du with the officer and his CIA badge
Dan Du with the officer and his CIA badge
By: Mason White

A traffic stop in China, turned into an international issue when a man flashed a CIA badge.

Nanjing police posted photos of the traffic stop to Chinese social media site Weibo.

They wrote that the man was on his way from Henan to Zhejiang, to attend to a gathering for motorcyclist enthusiasts, like himself.

The man who was pulled over by police on Jiangsu Expressway, was driving his motorcycle without a license.

When the officer asked for his ID, in an attempt to free himself from the situation.

The badge listed the man’s name as “Dan Du,” and described his job as an “IMF Field Agent.” The badge also included a QR code.

However, the officers were not impressed, and after more questioning, the officer ordered the man to hand over his Chinese passport.

Police wrote that the man was taken into custody and that “he was punished in accordance with the law.”

However, they did not specify what consequences he suffered.

In the comments on Weibo, people questioned as to why the man would want to turn a traffic stop into an international incident, particularly being labeled a U.S. spy and face harsh punishment.