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150 people killed as they stole gas from a leaking tanker before it exploded

By Mason White 8:43 AM June 30, 2017
People filling their tanks with gas from the overturned truck
People filling their tanks with gas from the overturned truck
By: Tanya Clark

People in Pakistan, are mourning the loss of family, friends and neighbors who were burned to death.

Police confirmed that at least 153 people were killed as they rushed to retrieve fuel that was leaking from a crashed tanker in Bahawalpur, before it suddenly exploded.

The truck veered off the road when it lost control, police said. When it flipped to its side, fuel began leaking.

Video of the incident shows people from a nearby farm, other villagers and many motorcyclists stealing fuel.

Some used soda bottles to take gas to fill up their gas tanks. Many others filled buckets and pots with the gas.

Shortly afterwards, someone lit a cigarette near the truck and the entire tank exploded in flames.

The explosion caused the container to burst open, burning people, including women and children, and vehicles around the truck.

Many victims died immediately while others succumbed to their injuries in hospitals. Police said that DNA will be needed to identify many of the suspects who were burned beyond recognition.

Major General Asif Ghafoor wrote on Twitter that Aviation helicopters were sent in to evacuate victims to hospital burn centers.