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Newlywed divorces his wife because she moaned in pleasure as armed robbers raped her in his presence at gunpoint

By Mason White 8:46 AM June 30, 2017
Divorced couple (illustration)
Divorced couple (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

A groom ordered his wife to leave their home after accusing her of enjoying herself while she was raped.

Baba Eneh of owukpa, Nigeria, said that armed robbers broke into their home at 3:00 a.m., while he and his new wife were sleeping.

The men demanded money. However, Eneh, who works as a bus driver, told them that he spend all of his money on their wedding.

The groom told the three armed men that he had N3,500 (about $11) left and that they can take it. The armed men became angry and decided to rape the man’s wife at gunpoint.

The husband was tied up and then his new wife was gang raped in his presence.

When the men finally left, Eneh accused his wife of enjoying the rape by “moaning in excitement and twisting her waist” as she was being raped instead of screaming for help.