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2 black men rape white women to teach her a lesson about dating black men

By Mason White 1:24 PM June 30, 2017
Justin Akeen Fedrick and Keon Dellshai Gordon
Justin Akeen Fedrick and Keon Dellshai Gordon
By: Mason White

Police are looking to arrest two black men who sexually assaulted a white woman to teach her a lesson about dating black men, according to police in Florida.

Clermont police said that 27-year-old Justin Akeen Fedrick and 26-year-old Keon Dellshai Gordon, after being accused of sexually assaulting the woman only because she was dating a black man.

Both suspects are facing charges of rape and kidnapping.

Police also arrested Rodney Cooper, who was the victim’s friend, and charged him with kidnapping for shutting the door while the two other suspects raped the woman.

Cooper has been booked into the Lake County Jail, and his bail has been set at $50,000.

According to the police investigation, the victim and her friends were hanging out in a home on the 1000 block of Disston Avenue.

At some point, Cooper pushed the woman into a room, where Fedrick and Gordo were waiting for her. Cooper then shut the door, and acted as a lookout while Fedrick and Gordo raped the woman.

Fedrick and Gordo told the woman that they were teaching her a lesson about white women dating black men. Fedrick and Gordo then warned her that if she called the police, she will face a much harsher punishment.

When the woman managed to escape from the home, she contacted her black boyfriend who called the police.