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26-year-old man burns his 68-year-old female boss to death for refusing to become his girlfriend

By Mason White 8:38 AM June 30, 2017
Emmanuel Sibanda
Emmanuel Sibanda
By: Mason White

A man who fell in love with his much older boss, burned her to death after she did not feel the same way about him.

Police in Zimbabwe, have arrested 25-year-old Emmanuel Sibanda, for the murder of his 68-year-old female employer, Jerina Chipato.

Sibanda was employed by the deceased to work at her home as a domestic servant. At some point, he fell in love with his boss and asked her to be his girlfriend.

When Chipato rejected his proposal, Sibanda became angry and killed her.

Prosecutor Daniel Tapfuma told the court that Sibanda became enraged when Chipato rejected his proposal of love.

According to Tapfuma, Sibanda struck the woman once on her head with a stick and she fell to the ground unconscious.

He then dragged her to the kitchen and lit the roof on fire, causing her to burn to death.

“Chipato was burned to death after which Sibanda called for help and claimed that she had been accidentally burned in her kitchen,” Tapfuma said.

The suspect was arraigned at a Gweru Magistrate court in front of Justice Musaiona Shortgame. He is being held without bail.