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Women had no idea they were raped by their rich friend until police busted him for child porn and found videos of them being violated

By Mason White 10:29 AM June 30, 2017
Cameron McDermott
Cameron McDermott
By: William Martin

Two women were shocked to learn that they were sexually abused by a man they knew and trusted.

The creepy discovery began when police were called to the parking lot of the Adelphi University, on a report about a man, who was dressed as a woman and exposing himself to women.

The man, 31-year-old Cameron McDermott of New York, was wearing a black wig, black yoga pants and lipstick, when police said that he approached a woman and asked directions to a gym.

He then exposed himself and urinated on her leg. When police arrived, they spoke to the suspect. At some point, police asked McDermott if they can search his cell phone, and he agreed.

Police said that officers found videos of people having sex with children on his phone. Police then received a warrant to search electronic devices at McDermott’s home in Hempstead.

There, they found a computer that had many files that were neatly labeled by the content they contained.

Detectives found videos that were taken in a Manhattan apartment labeled “rape.” When they opened the files, they found McDermott raping the two unconscious women several times.

When police reached out to the victims, they were horrified as they had no idea they were raped by him.

Police also found videos neatly labeled, which described the child rape videos such as “daddy and daughter” and the ages of the young children involved.

McDermott pleaded not guilty to more than 200 counts of predatory sexual assault, rape, sex abuse and unlawful surveillance in the Manhattan Supreme Court indictment.

McDermott was booked into jail, and he was denied bail.