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Woman suing Hyundai for being fired because she leaked during her period at an auto show

By Mason White 1:36 PM June 1, 2017
Rachel Rickert
Rachel Rickert
By: William Martin

A woman filed a lawsuit in New York, after feeling discriminated against after she was fired as a result of having her period.

27-year-old Rachel Rickert, was working for Hyundai before she was fired.

Rickert said that she was at the New York International Auto Show in Manhattan, where she represented her employers.

She needed to use the bathroom to change her tampon.

However, she said that when she made it to the bathroom, she realized that she had leaked and her uniform was dirty.

Rickert informed her company of the situation, and asked for a new uniform. Instead of getting fresh clothing, she was told to go home, according to her lawsuit.

In documents filed with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Rickert said that she had been working for three hours before she was allowed to take a bathroom break.

Rickert said that after she got home, she received a call, saying she was fired because Hyundai had learned about her “period situation.”

Rickert, who said that she had done 50 shows at the Javits Center, had expected to make $5,000 from her job at the auto show. She has not been paid for any of her time.

Rickert is suing Hyundai and Experiential Talent, which is the company that had hired her.

A Hyundai spokesperson promised to investigate the incident and said “We take any complaint like this seriously and will respond appropriately once we have a chance to investigate the merits of the claim.”