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Man found having sex with dead woman on street near church

By Mason White 10:57 AM July 2, 2017
Joseph G. Martinez
Joseph G. Martinez
By: Tanya Clark

People In Las Vegas, Nevada, were shocked to discover a man having sex with a corpse in broad daylight.

57-year-old Joseph G. Martinez was arrested after having sex with the dead woman.

Martinez was discovered with the dead woman at 2140 West Charleston Boulevard, near a church.

According to his arrest report, police were called at around 4:30 p.m., after people saw Martinez having sex with the woman who appeared to be unconscious.

The officers arrested Martinez, and they discovered that the 35-year-old woman was deceased. The woman appeared to be homeless and had no identification on her, according to the arrest report.

Martinez, who is being held at the Clark County Detention Center without bail, told police that he had met the woman the night before and that she was alive when they were having sex.

A coroner determined that the woman had died between two to four hours before police were called.

The Clark County coroner’s office did not yet determine the cause of her death.

Martinez was charged with unlawful sexual penetration of a dead body.