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Mother of African-American student is suing school for forcing daughter to share valedictorian honor with white student

By Mason White 1:12 PM July 3, 2017
Sherry and Jasmine Shepherd
Sherry and Jasmine Shepherd
By: Tanya Clark

A mother of an African-American student is furious that her daughter was forced to share her valedictorian honor with a white student.

The mother, Sherry Shepherd, now filed a lawsuit against the school, claiming that the actions were racially motivated.

Sherry said that the High School in Cleveland, Mississippi, never had a black person as their valedictorian.

When her daughter Jasmine was given the honor due to her achievements, the school added a white co-valedictorian.

Sherry said the other student, who was identified as H.B., is “the kindest-hearted, sweetest person” and that her daughter had no ill feelings towards her.

However, she claims that the white girl had a lower grade point average then her daughter.

The school denied the allegations and said that they had identical grade point averages.

Sherry said that her daughter was forced to speak after the white girl at their graduation. She was also scheduled to walk behind the white girl, but she objected and the school obliged.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified monetary damages and for Jasmine to be renamed “sole valedictorian.”

On a Facebook page called “Justice for Jasmine,” the student is asking people to be respectful as she has received a lot of hate messages from people over the lawsuit.

Jasmine wrote: “Hey, everyone, I just wanted to thank each of you for the overflow of support that you have given me in the past few days.

“I also wanted to address the individuals that have made it their mission to speak ill of me and my family, calling me fat, ugly, racist, uppity, and money grabber, etc.

“You may disagree with us in this plight, but please respect us as well as others on this page. Name calling and bashing is not necessary! Throughout my life, my parents have shielded me from behavior pictured below, but now I see that I will have to face this head on. You can send me these types of messages, but those sentiments will not be returned. I hope all of you have a blessed Sunday. With Love, Jasmine.”