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Fake cop busted after pulling over real police officer for talking on her cell phone while driving car

By Mason White 2:59 PM July 3, 2017
-Milton Morales-Perez
Milton Morales-Perez
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) A security guard who wanted to teach a police officer a lesson about not talking on her phone while driving, ended up behind bars, according to police in Florida.

Miami police said that they have arrested 46-year-old Milton Morales-Perez, after being accused of pulling over Officer Kenia Fallat.

Morales-Perez has been charged with one count of impersonating an officer.

According to the police investigation, Morales-Perez was driving his 2010 white Ford Mustang on Southwest Seventh Street, when he noticed Fallat talking on her cell phone.

Fallat was driving her police-issued Ford Taurus, and was in full police uniform. Morales-Perez flashed a badge, and told Fallat to roll down her window.

Fallat called for backup, and Morales-Perez was arrested.

During questioning, Morales-Perez told police that he stopped the officer because talking on a cell phone while driving is dangerous.