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ISIS member accidentally kills family and friends after suicide belt blew up at his goodbye party

By Mason White 1:08 PM July 3, 2017
ISIS (illustration)
ISIS (illustration)
By: Mason White

A suicide bomber killed his own family and friends after his suicide belt malfunctioned and exploded.

The incident unfolded in Baqubah, Iraq, while friends and family members of the suicide bomber gathered to wish him well before leaving for his mission to blow up people.

According to, Diyala police chief Jassem al-Saadi said in a statement that the ISIS militants in the Mekheisa region, were killed during the rite, which the group calls a “blood party.”

The family members and close friends gathered to say goodbye, and wish good luck to the would-be suicide bomber before he dies as a martyr.

However, his suicide bomb detonated prematurely. According to al-Saadi, 12 people were killed at the party.