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Man gets 130 years prison for forcing 6-year-old girl to perform sex acts on him

By Mason White 1:06 PM July 4, 2017
Allen Jamison
Allen Jamison
By: Emily Lewis

A man and his former girlfriend were arrested after a young girl was sexually abused.

53-year-old Allen Jamison of Potomac Drive in Greensboro, North Carolina, was convicted of a number of sex abuse related crimes after he forced a 6-year-old girl to perform sex acts on him.

After a trial that lasted five days at the Guilford County Superior Court, it took the jury just three hours to return a guilty verdict.

Superior Court Judge David Hall sentenced Jamison to serve a minimum of 79 years and maximum of 130 years in prison.

Guilford County Chief Prosecutor Howard Neumann said the crimes took place while Jamison dated the girl’s mother.

Neumann said that the girl told her mother about the abuse that occurred on numerous occasions, but the mother continued to leave the victim in his care.

The mother was also arrested for her involvement in the child abuse. She has not yet been sentenced. She had agreed to testify against Jamison as part of a plea bargain.

The victim was handed over to the custody of her father who lives out of state.