Babysitter beaten by father who caught him sodomizing 1-year-old daughter

Babysitter beaten by father who caught him sodomizing 1-year-old daughter

Jayson Newlun
Jayson Newlun
By: Tanya Clark

A man sported nasty wounds to his eye and nose in his mugshot after he was beaten by a man who caught him sexually abusing a 1-year-old girl.

A couple in Clay County, Missouri, asked a family friend to babysit their daughter for a short time and he agreed.

26-year-old Jayson Newlun stayed at the family home when the parents left their one-year-old daughter sleeping in her crib while they went to the store to buy food.

After arriving at the store, the mother noticed that she had left her WIC folder at home and returned to retrieve it.

When she walked into the house, the child's mother noticed that Newlun was no longer on the couch, where he has been less than 10 minutes earlier when she left.

The mother went looking for him and she saw that door to her daughter's room was open.

As she walked closer, the horrified mother saw Newlun touching the girl's genitals while pleasuring himself. He also allegedly took photos of himself sexually abusing the child.

The mother ran and got her husband, who immediately confronted Newlun and beat him up.

Newlin was left bruised with a black eye and bleeding from the attack. A neighbor who heard the commotion, came in and stopped the father from beating Newlun.

The mother told the police that while they waited for officers to arrive, they asked the suspect why he would do something like that. He replied that he does not know.

She added they her husband told the babysitter: “I hope you go down for this,” to which he replied: “Me too.”

Newlun was arrested on statutory sodomy and is being held on $250,000 bail.