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Catholic priest shoots his assistant reverend for not following orders

By Mason White 3:38 PM July 5, 2017
Priest (illustration)
Priest (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) Police were called after a Catholic priest in Nigeria, shot his assistance.

Police arrested Father Christian Amusuo, the parish priest of Saint Mary’s Catholic Church, in Imo State, for shooting his assistant after an argument.

The victim was identified as Reverend Father Precious. According to his followers, Amusuo shot Precious after a heated argument. This came after weeks of acrimony between the two of them.

Father Amusuo was upset that the reverend, who was supposed to act as his assistant, did not follow his orders.

On the day of the incident, Father Amusuo entered his room and grabbed his weapon. He then fired at his assistant.

Thankfully, the reverend survived. Witnesses at the scene jumped into action and held Father Amusuo down so that he does not fire another round before police arrived.

The priest is now being investigated for attempted murder.

State Police Public Relations Officer Andrew Enwerem said that upon the receipt of the information, the Commissioner of Police Chris Ezike, ordered an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the shooting.