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Man shoots and kills his wife during argument while riding in an Uber car

By Mason White 11:05 AM July 5, 2017
Cameron and Jennifer Espitia
Cameron and Jennifer Espitia
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) An Uber driver told police that he feared for his life when a man shot his wife in the head, and ordered him to continue driving despite the woman being slumped over and in need of help.

The couple of Washington, ordered the Uber to drive them to their home in Seattle, when they got into the argument.

As the car was traveling through Queen Anne, just after midnight, 31-year-old Cameron Espitia shot his wife Jennifer Espitia, 29, execution style.

According to the Uber driver, Cameron, who was a member of the Coast Guard for 13 years, and his wife got into a vicious argument.

Jennifer was sitting in the front passenger seat, and Cameron was in the driver side rear seat. The driver said that Cameron was repeatedly cursing at her.

The driver said that he heard a loud boom, and thought that his tire had blown out. However, moments later, he realized that it was a gunshot, and saw that Jennifer was slumped forward and did not move.

The driver feared for his own life, but Cameron ordered him to continue driving for a short distance.

Cameron then ordered the driver to pull over and he walked away. The Uber driver called police, who located Cameron nearby.

Cameron told officers that he was having a bad night with his wife and that they had been drinking, according to the police report.

Police found a small pistol in an ankle holster. When he was questioned, Cameron did not remember what happened.

He was arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder and his bond was set at $3 million.

Coast Guardsman Elliot Felix, who knew Cameron for five years, said that “never in a million years” would he believe Cameron would be capable of killing his wife.