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Man who married teenage student and forced her younger sister to join his group sex kills himself next to ex-wife

By Mason White 11:18 AM July 5, 2017
Marta San Jose, Dale Leary and ex-wife Claudia Leary (left)
Marta San Jose, Dale Leary and ex-wife Claudia Leary (left)
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) Police are left with a lot of questions after a man killed himself in an apparent suicide pact with his first wife.

50-year-old Dale Leary of Cutler Bay, Florida, had divorced his then wife Claudia Leary to marry foreign exchange student Marta San Jose from Spain, who lived with him and Claudia.

San Jose came to live with the couple when she was 16-years-old. As soon as she turned 18, Leary divorced his wife and married San Jose.

San Jose then lured her 14-year-old sister to the U.S., by convincing her parents to allow her to live with them. The newlyweds got her intoxicated and forced her into having threesomes with them.

Leary took nude photos of the girl as she was dressed in nothing but high heels. He also took videos of the threesomes.

The crime finally came to light when the girl returned to Spain, and told her parents about the abuse. Her furious parents made a trip to the U.S., where they reported the incident to police.

Leary and San Jose, who is now 21, were arrested on multiple charges, including lewd and lascivious conduct on a child and sexual performance by a child.

Leary was released on house arrest after posting bail while San Jose is still in jail.

While he was on house arrest, police were called to carry out a welfare check.

The found Leary dead inside his car that was parked in the backyard of his home with his ex-wife Claudia in the passenger seat.

Leary was pronounced dead at the scene. Claudia was taken to a hospital, where she is recovering.

Detectives will question her as they said they want to know if she participated or knew about her husband’s alleged sex abuse of the minor.