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Man steals military rocket launchers and ammunition from unsecured train in France

By Mason White 1:09 PM July 5, 2017
Rocket launcher (illustration)
Rocket launcher (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell

People in France, expressed their concern after a young man managed to steal military grade rocket launches from a freight train.

Miramas police said that they have arrested the 23-year-old man after being accused of stealing the unsecured rocket launchers and ammunition from the train that traveled to an army base.

According to the police investigation, last week, the train was traveling from one army base to another, and was transporting military grade weapons.

The suspect managed to get on board the train, and removed four rocket launchers and several boxes of armor piercing shells.

The weapons were not sealed and the shipment was not secured. When police raided the suspect’s home, they found the stolen rocket launchers and ammunition.

Police do not know what the suspect planned to do with the weapons.