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Police officers who received complaint about neighborhood water slide join the fun by sliding on it

By Mason White 11:42 AM July 5, 2017
The officer at the block party
The officer at the block party
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) Officers in Asheville, North Carolina, responded to a complaint about a giant slide that had been created for a Fourth of July party.

Katlen Joyce Smith said that one of the fathers built the slide for the children in the neighborhood to enjoy during their block’s annual party.

In the middle of the party, the two officers arrived. They notified the parents that they had received a complaint from one of the neighbors that the homemade water slide was blocking the road, Asheville police said.

When the police arrived, they quickly realized that this was not the case.

In a video that the police department posted on Twitter, Officer Carrie Lee said that she did not want to stop the fun. “The first thing I told them is that I’m not here to break up your fun,” Lee said.

Neighbors encouraged the officers to join the fun and they agreed.

In videos of the event, Lee can be seen using a trash bag to slide down the homemade slide.

Officer Joe Jones said that he thought that he is too big to fit into a trash bag, but then, the children brought out a big raft so he agreed join in.

Chuckie Velvet posted videos of each officer enjoying the slide to Facebook. The videos went viral and people praised the officers for reaching out and connecting so positively with the public.