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550-pound woman earns $2,000 an hour trying to get world’s largest 100-inch hips

By Mason White 3:41 PM July 6, 2017
Bobbi-Jo Westley
Bobbi-Jo Westley
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) An obese woman in Pennsylvania, is being paid up to $2,000 an hour by online admirers who love to watch her eat her favorite foods.

43-year-old Bobbi-Jo Westley of York, weighs a whopping 542 pounds, and is trying to out on more weight in order to hit the world record for the largest hips.

Westley’s hips currently measures at 95 inches, but she is hoping to reach 100 inches to take the world record title from Mikel Ruffinelli of Los Angeles California, whose hips measures at 99 inches.

Westley earns money and supports herself by a network of online admirers, who pay her to pose naked and eat.

Westley can earn up to $2,000 an hour by people dying to see her stuffing her face with food. Westley, who is married, was surprised to learn that some people love her huge shape.

The obese woman revealed that she gets presents all the time, and people eve propose marriage to her, which she has to decline because she is already married.

Due to her weight, Westley cannot leave her own home.

Nutritionist Nadia Sharifi recently visited Westley. Sharifi warned the fat woman that she could die at any moment due to an artery becoming blocked.

The nutritionist advised her to lose a minimum of 200 pounds in order to not be in danger of dying. Westley said that she is not too concerned about her health as she takes one day at a time.

She also says that she is willing to die for a chance to become the person with largest hips in the world.