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Surgeon leaves camera inside woman for 6 months following kidney transplant

By Mason White 3:37 PM July 6, 2017
Lacrystal Lockett
Lacrystal Lockett
By: Mason White

A woman was shocked to learn that her pain following a transplant was the result of a camera that was accidentally left behind inside her body, according to court documents in Georgia.

Lacrystal Lockett filed a lawsuit against the Emory University Hospital, after doctors left the camera inside her for six months following her surgery.

Lockett told the DeKalb County State Court, that she wants a jury to decide how much compensation she will receive.

The woman claims that the Emory University Hospital was negligent, and that caused her pain and suffering.

The incident began when Lacrystal underwent a kidney transplant.

However, during the transplant, the surgeon left behind the body camera that was used during the procedure.

Lacrystal continued to have pain long after the expected recovery date. Six months later, she learned that the surgeon left the body camera inside her.

Lacrystal underwent another surgical procedure to remove the camera.

The lawsuit named Dr. Paul Lu Tso, Dr. Ronald Parsons, and Dr. Denise J. Lo, as the medical professionals who performed the original surgical procedure.