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Teacher records rat dragging garbage bag full of food and pizza on New York street

By Mason White 3:45 PM July 6, 2017
Rat dragging garbage bag
Rat dragging garbage bag
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) A woman who was on her way to work, was shocked to see a large rat dragging a garbage bag full of food across a New York street.

Leigh Conner of Brooklyn, said that the incident unfolded on Thursday morning, as she was on her way to teach at a middle school.

She was riding her bike to work when she saw the white garbage bag moving. When she stopped her bike, Conner realized that a large rat was pulling the garbage bag across the sidewalk.

Conner quickly pulled out her cell phone and began recording.

The video shows the rat dragging the garbage bag on Kingston Avenue and Dean Street. The rat is seen using all its energy to drag the bag to the front yard of a home in order to enjoy a meal.

When the garbage bag reached the gate, the rat pulled out a personal pizza pie and dragged it into the front yard.

However, the poor rat failed to enjoy the pizza as it got scared from Conner who got too close for comfort.

Conner wrote on Twitter: “Pizza rat strikes again, this time with an entire personal sized pizza.”

On YouTube, Conner wrote: “On my way to work at a middle school, and saw this gladiator at work.”

People in the neighborhood said that rats are a big problem in the area.