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African-American barber shop employee shaves Confederate flag onto white man’s head

By Mason White 12:30 PM July 6, 2017
Corey Sutter and the confederate flag haircut
Corey Sutter and the confederate flag haircut
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) An African-American barber shop in Oklahoma, caused a firestorm online as their barber shaved the Confederate flag onto a white man’s head.

The Fade N Up barber shop in Oklahoma City, is known for their unique artistic haircuts as they shave any design or phrase onto customers’ heads.

The barber shop owner Corey Sutter, said that people come into their shop and ask for all kinds of bizarre haircuts, which they get.

He said that he and his employees leave politics out of their jobs and they give the customers whatever they want.

This week, a white man came into the barbershop and requested for a lightning bolt and stars inspired by his favorite rapper Yelawolf, shaved onto his head.

He then also asked to have the Confederate flag shaved into his head.

Barber Demontre Heard said that at first, he was taken aback by the request, but he did not judge and he kept his personal feelings out so he agreed to the request.

Sutter posted photos of the cut to Facebook with the caption: “This guy came in and wanted the Confederate flag in his head and that’s what he got. Fade N Up barber shop is all about giving you what you want.”

The post has sparked controversy with many people condemning the business while others praised the barbers.

Sutter and his employees defended their actions, saying that they keep customers happy as they have bills to pay. This is their jobs and they have nothing to do with politics.

Demontre added that the white customer, whose identity was not revealed, was a very nice man who did not come across as racist at all.