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Husband kept dead wife in freezer of their home for 8 years until he died

By Mason White 1:17 PM July 7, 2017
Social Security benefits (illustration)
Social Security benefits (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

A man lived with his dead wife at their home for many years because he wanted to collect her social security, according to police in Florida.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office has announced that the Estate of Allan Dunn, agreed to the sale of assets, from which the government was paid $15,743.14, to resolve allegations that Mr. Dunn failed to report the death of his wife and thereafter improperly collected her Social Security benefits.

Allan Dunn and his wife, Margaret Dunn, resided together in Sun City Center until Mrs. Dunn passed away at home in 2002.

Mr. Dunn concealed his wife’s death by placing her body in a freezer in their home. He then collected her Social Security benefits until his own death in 2010.

In all, he improperly collected $92,088 in federal benefits.

Following Mr. Dunn’s death, authorities discovered that Mrs. Dunn had died eight years earlier.

Upon his death, Mr. Dunn’s sole asset of value was the condominium unit, where he and his wife had resided.

His heirs, who were unaware that he had concealed his wife’s death, agreed to waive their rights to inherit the condominium and to put it up for sale.

The unit has since been sold.

After paying the back taxes, sales costs, and amounts owed to the condominium association, the remaining sales proceeds of $15,743.14 were paid to the United States.