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Two teachers rape 10 students and infect them with STDs

By Mason White 11:33 AM July 7, 2017
Students (illustration)
Students (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

Two teachers are on the run after it was discovered that they raped students.

Police are now searching for the teachers from Nigeria, who are wanted for raping 10 school children and in the process, infected them with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

The Lagos State Government Secondary School teachers located in Epe, are accused of taking turns to rape students.

The teachers blackmailed the students into complying with their demands by threatening to give them failing grades on their exams if they did not have sex with them, according to police.

The incidents came to light when one student was taken to a doctor when she complained of an unusual discharge from her private parts.

Doctors discovered that she was infected with STDs and the school was notified by her parents.

Another student confided in her close friend about her issues with an unusual discharge from her private parts. The friend admitted that she had the same issue since the teachers raped her.

That is when the two students informed the school about the rapes.

A staff member reported that during a school investigation, other victims confirmed that they were also violated by the teachers on different occasions.

Police were called, but the suspects learned of the investigation and they quickly fled before they could be arrested.