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U.S. woman dumps 100 bullets in Tokyo Japan airport garbage bin after accidentally bringing them along on flight

By Mason White 1:46 PM July 7, 2017
Bullets (illustration)
Bullets (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell

A U.S. woman got herself into a lot of trouble after dumping dozens of bullets into an airport garbage can, according to police in Japan.

Tokyo police said that they have arrested the 60-year-old married woman, who was not identified, after being accused of illegal possession of ammunition.

The woman has been charged with violating firearms laws. The woman remains in jail, pending a bail hearing.

According to the police investigation, the woman and her husband arrived at Tokyo’s Haneda airport on Tuesday afternoon.

The couple planned to catch a connecting flight to their final destination.

The woman and her husband visited a restaurant, and she opened her bag to pay for their meal, she noticed 100 bullets belonging to her son’s .22 caliber gun.

The woman panicked and dumped the bullets in a garbage bin.

An airport cleaner found the bullets just a few minutes later.

Police were called and officers reviewed surveillance video, which showed the U.S. woman dumping the bullets in the trash can.

The woman was arrested before she managed to catch her connecting flight.