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Police officer and mountain climber fall to their deaths during rescue operations after helicopter rope got loose

By Mason White 3:23 PM July 9, 2017
Police helicopter (illustration)
Police helicopter (illustration)
By: Mason White

A police officer has died while trying to rescue two climbers who got into trouble, according to police in Austria.

Police spokesperson Madeleine Heinrich said that the incident unfolded on Sunday, when a man and a woman decided to go mountain climbing.

The couple got into trouble and called for help. A helicopter was sent to the scene to rescue the two climbers.

A 28-year-old police officer lowered himself with a rope from the helicopter in order to rescue the couple.

The police officer managed to reach the climbers and hooked them onto the rope. All three were then pulled up to the helicopter.

As the three were near the helicopter, the rope became loose, sending them plunging to the ground. The police officer and the two climbers suffered severe trauma from the fall.

The police officer and the female climber were declared dead at the scene, while the man was taken to a hospital in critical condition.