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Woman pretending to be refugee blows herself up while holding her baby killing two soldiers

By Mason White 12:35 PM July 9, 2017
The woman with her baby (left)
The woman with her baby (left)
By: Emily Lewis

A mother pretended to be fleeing from ISIS when she blew herself up with her baby in her arm.

A photographer took photos as mothers and their children in Iraq, were escaping the clutches of ISIS, with the help of soldiers.

Moments after the photographer took the photos in Mosul, a bomb exploded, killing a mother, her baby and two soldiers.

In the photo, the mother-turned suicide bomber was seen holding her baby and a purse in one hand and another purse, which contained a bomb, in the other hand.

As she was walking out of a newly liberated area of the city, the mother blew herself up with her baby in her arm as she walked past Iraqi troops.

However, the bomb failed to detonate until she walked some distance away, minimizing the casualties to two soldiers rather than causing the mass murder she was hoping for.