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Boy gets covered in feces in McDonald’s play area

By Mason White 11:33 AM July 11, 2017
Mcdonald's food
Mcdonald’s food
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A mother was shocked to learn that McDonald’s does not have any soap for their employees to use in the bathroom.

Now, people are questioning how sanitary the food is at the McDonald’s store in Manchester, New Hampshire, since employees do not have soap to wash their hands after using the restrooms.

The shocking discovery came after a boy was covered in feces while he was playing in the play pen.

Justina Whitmore said that she knows that there are gems in the play area, but she never expected to find her son covered in another child’s poop.

Her young son, Gabriel, was playing tag with another child. The other child went down the slide first and he probably had a soiled diaper that leaked as he went down.

Gabriel had already started sliding and he was unable to stop before getting all dirty. He went to his mother for help.

She went to the restroom to grab the soap in order to disinfect and clean her son.

To her surprise, there was no soap. She then asked employees for soap and paper towel, but they refused to help her and they laughed at her situation.

The McDonald’s employees then argued about who was responsible to clean up the mess as nobody wanted to do it.

Justina’s friend uploaded video of the exchange to social media, where it went viral.