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Female rapists driving BMW kidnap and gang rape teacher who was on his way to school

By Mason White 2:02 PM July 11, 2017
BMW (illustration)
BMW (illustration)
By: Mason White

Police are looking for a group of female rapists who abducted a teacher and gang raped him for several days, according to police in Zimbabwe.

The Wedza Police Department said that three women and a man are accused of offering a ride to the teacher before drugging him and taking him to an undisclosed location.

All suspects are facing numerous charges, including kidnapping, rape and assault.

According to the police investigation, on Sunday, at around 5:00 p.m., the 39-year-old teacher, who was not identified, was waiting at a bus stop, and was on his way to school.

A BMW pulled up at the bus stop, and offered the teacher a free ride to school. The teacher agreed, and he got into the back of the BMW.

There were two women in the back and a third woman in the front passenger seat. The BMW, which had South African plates, was driving by a man.

During the ride, the women offered a bottle of juice to the teacher. He drank it and fell unconscious. When the teacher woke up on Monday morning, he found himself in a dark room.

He had bruises on his body, and his private parts were hurting.

That is when he realized that the three women drugged and raped him.

The three women then entered the room and forced the teacher to drink another bottle of juice at gunpoint.

The teacher complied. He felt dizzy from the drink as the women took chances gang raping him.

On Tuesday, the teacher was forced into the BMW, and was taken to a village, where he was dumped on the road and left him there alone.

Luckily, the teacher managed to call for help. He was taken to the Wedza Rural Hospital, where he is said to be in stable condition.