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Lesbian woman and her mother beat lover’s son to death for drinking milk out of jug

By Mason White 11:18 AM July 11, 2017
Callene Barton, (right) Lakesha Lewis and Brandi Mokarzel,(right) victim with his father (bottom)
Callene Barton, (right) Lakesha Lewis and Brandi Mokarzel,
(right) victim with his father (bottom)
By: Alexis Bell

A father is furious over the senseless death of his son who was beaten to death.

Jacquan Satchel said that he tried to get full custody of his 4-year-old son since splitting up with his longtime girlfriend when their son was one year old.

A few months ago, the boy, Xavier Mokarzel-Satchel, and his mother, 23-year-old Brandi Mokarzel, moved in with her 28-year-old girlfriend Lakesha Lewis, in the home of Lewis’s mother, 58-year-old Callene Barton.

Mokarzel told police that she had been sleeping and awoke to her son crying. She found her lover and her mother beating her son with a plastic rod that is used to open and close window blinds.

According to police, the woman beat Xavier after catching him drinking milk from a jug. Mokarzel grabbed her son and ran into her room, where he attempted to call police.

However, Barton smacked the phone out of her hand and warned violence against her if she called police. Barton then grabbed the boy, dragging him out of the bedroom, and threw him into the hallway, causing him to have a seizure.

The two suspects then poured water over the boy to try to revive him, according to police.

Mokarzel ran to a neighbor and called police. Officers said that they found the toddler lying on his back, barely breathing, and with food coming out of his nose.

He was rushed to a hospital, where he later died. Doctors called police when they found old wounds all over his body, showing that he had been abused in the past.

Barton was charged with felony first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse, and hindering communication to a law enforcement agency for not allowing the mother to call police.

Her daughter was charged with felony first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse. Both are being held without bail.

The victim’s mother was charged with child neglect. Her bond was set at $2,500.