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Police shoot man and woman who were using fake gun while having sex in club

By Mason White 11:29 AM July 11, 2017
Dale Ewins and Zita Sukys
Dale Ewins and Zita Sukys
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A couple was hospitalized after being shot by police while having sex in a nightclub.

Police were called to a swingers nightclub in Melbourne, Australia, on reports that a man was armed with a gun.

The couple shared photos of the 35-year-old father of one child, Dale Ewins, holding a gun to the mouth of Zita Sukys, who is a mother of two children.

The photos shows the couple dressed in costumes. The photos were taken before the couple went to the club.
Couples must dress up as a requirement to attend the club.

Ewins was dressed as the Joker, while Sukys was dressed as Harley Quinn from the 2016 film Suicide Squad.

At 3:00 a.m., police received reports that Ewins was armed with a gun on the second floor of the club.

When police arrived, security guards allegedly tried to explain that the gun was fake, but police did not take any chances.

According to Victoria Police Superintendent Lisa Hardeman, when officers confronted the couple, Ewins pointed the gun at them so they returned fire.

Ewins was shot in the torso and Sukys was shot in the leg.

Ewins is said to be in critical condition, while Sukys suffered non-life threatening injuries.

In a Facebook post, club owner Martha Tsamis said that they hosted these kinds of events for approximately 20 years without any trouble.

She denies the allegations that Ewins pointed the gun at officers. She said that the couple was “in a compromising position at the time,” which is normal practice at these events.

“Participants are generally older adults who come in costumes and engage with each other in adult fantasies,” Tsamis said.

She added that all the participants show off their props to security guards before they can enter the party for a fee of $55.

Tsamis confirmed that Ewins showed the fake gun to them and he was cleared to go inside. However, police have not yet confirmed whether the weapon was fake or not.