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People slam police for handcuffing ‘nice’ 11-year-old boy just for throwing rocks and shooting another child with gun

By Mason White 1:54 PM July 11, 2017
11-year-old boy with BB gun
11-year-old boy with BB gun
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) People are slamming police officers in South Carolina, after video emerged, showing an 11-year-old boy being handcuffed, following a call about a shooting.

In response to an inflammatory post on Facebook, the Spartanburg Police Department, released video of the entire incident.

A witness who posted the video of the incident wrote on Facebook: “Very disturbing video. This happened in Spartanburg. We were told that this 11-year-old boy was playing outside, throwing rocks, when the police pulled up with guns drawn.

He was eventually handcuffed behind his back, and put into a patrol car. This little boy makes good grades, plays basketball, football, baseball and runs track. He also has been a participant in the Omega Camp for four years in a row.

“Our question for Spartanburg City Police Office is, does your policing policy include pulling out guns on and handcuffing 11-year-old kids? And yes, we saw the lady pick up the orange tip toy gun from the grass

“we were told he was handcuffed because of rocks that were thrown, and not because of a very obvious toy gun.”

In response to this post and video clip, police wrote: “On Thursday, officers from the Spartanburg Police Department were dispatched to a call involving juveniles, who were in possession of a BB gun and throwing rocks.

“The complainant reported to 9-1-1 dispatchers that the juvenile in possession of the BB gun had used it earlier to shoot her son in the buttocks. The complainant also reported that the juveniles had thrown rocks at her home and vehicle.

“The first responding officer located two juveniles, one riding a bicycle and the other walking, carrying what appeared to be a BB gun.

“The officer directed the juvenile to drop the gun. The juvenile complied with the officer’s directions and immediately placed the gun on the ground.

“The officer used his handcuffs to secure the juvenile and seated him in the rear of the patrol vehicle while he attempted to locate the juvenile’s parents and gather additional facts.

“A bystander on scene recorded a video that was posted to a social media site. The post alleges the officer drew and pointed his weapon at one of the juveniles.

“However, the officer’s video reveals that the officer never un-holstered or presented his weapon during the incident. We have met with both families involved in the incident. Their respective accounts of the events differ.

“Our policies, which are based on case law, do not prohibit the handcuffing of juveniles or any individuals identified as subjects during the initial phases of a police investigation.

“In the interest of transparency, the Spartanburg Police Department is releasing the entire recording from the officer’s body worn camera.

“This un-narrated recording should correct some of the misinformation that has been shared and clear up assumptions and/or confusion.”