13-year-old boy charged with homicide for flicking cheese into classmate’s mouth causing his death

William Martin
Amarjeet and Karanbir Cheema
By: Amarjeet and Karanbir Cheema  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

A family in the United Kingdom, is devastated over the loss of their son who died after a classmate flicked a piece of cheese from a sandwich into his mouth.

13-year-old Karanbir “Karan” Cheema of London, was allergic to dairy products, and according to his parents, he was very careful not to come in contact with anything containing milk.

However, a classmate made fun of him and decided to throw a piece of cheese into Cheema’s mouth.

The boys attended the William Perkin C of E High School in Greenford, where the incident unfolded.

The boy was rushed to the Great Ormond Street Hospital. After being treated for 12 days, Cheema went into cardiac arrest and died.

Police investigated the incident, and after learning that the victim was bullied for some time by the boy who intentionally flicked the cheese into his mouth, they made an arrest.

The 13-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of homicide and attempted murder.

The boy’s father Amarjeet Cheema, 53, said that his son was brilliant at computers and math, and he was an amazing student.

“He was always on the computer. He talked about being a computer engineer. We were so proud of him. He had a very bright future,” the heartbroken father said.