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Couple gets upset when police order them to stop having sex in public

By Mason White 4:42 PM July 12, 2017
Tanya Clark
Tabatha Lehman and Craig Schultheis
By: Tabatha Lehman and Craig Schultheis

A couple in Florida, was busted while having sex in front of a store.

The couple who was in the midst of passionate lovemaking, was not happy when the two were disturbed by a concerned police officer.

45-year-old Tabatha Lehman and Craig Schultheis, 46, were caught by officer Logan Ward from the Largo police department.

The officer wrote in the police report that the two was “naked from the waist down and performing sexual activities on each other.”

According to the report, Schultheis repeatedly told the officer that he was “trying to get a piece of a**.”

Lehman was also upset that the officer wanted to stop her from being pleasured.

After some resistance, the officer was able to place the couple in handcuffs. They were arrested for exposing sexual organs.

The couple was released from jail on their own recognizance after spending nine hours in custody.