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Restaurant employee follows woman to her home and rapes her

By Mason White 12:23 PM July 12, 2017
Toshiaki Suzuki
Toshiaki Suzuki
By: William Martin

A young woman was shocked to see a restaurant employee breaking into her home, according to police in Japan.

Tokyo police said that they have arrested 29-year-old Toshiaki Suzuki, after being accused of raping a woman in her home.

Suzuki is facing numerous charges, including home invasion and rape.

According to the police investigation, Suzuki worked at a restaurant. The 20-year-old woman ate a meal at the restaurant, after which she walked home.

Suzuki followed her to the home, and broke into her residence.

Suzuki threatened to kill the woman if she resisted him. He then raped her. After Suzuki left, the woman called police.

Surveillance video showed Suzuki breaking into the woman’s apartment. During questioning by police, Suzuki admitted to raping the woman.