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Woman begins dating her brother-in-law weeks after her overworked husband died

By Mason White 4:29 PM July 12, 2017
Mikey and Ashley (right) Chris and Ashley (left)
Mikey and Ashley (right) Chris and Ashley (left)
By: Emily Lewis

A woman is begging others not to go to bed angry with each other as she found her husband dead after an unresolved fight.

33-year-old Ashley Murrell of Somerset, England, had a heated argument with her 36-year-old husband of seven years.

The argument stemmed from Ashley feeling neglected because her husband, Mikey, was working too many hours, and he had no energy left to spend time with her, her daughter Morgan, who Mikey had adopted as his own, and their 4-year-old twins named Lisa and Mikey.

When Mikey returned home late from a 16-hour shift, they began arguing.

Ashley told her husband to sleep on the sofa on May 16, but when she woke up the next morning, she discovered that her husband had died.

Ashley went public with her story and urged other couples not to go to bed angry and to kiss their loved ones goodnight. Ashley said that she is devastated that the last words she exchanged with her husband were in anger.

To make matters worse for her, Ashly learned that her husband had taken on an extra work as a carpet cleaner to save money so that he could surprise her with a vacation to Prague, the Czech Republic, for her anniversary on July 3.

The autopsy reportedly came up “inconclusive,” but Ashley claims Mikey choked in his sleep.

The widow said that since her husband’s death, his brother Chris helped her cope with the grief and they since began dating.

A friend said that Chris and Ashley had received a lot of hate and negativity because she began dating her husband’s brother such a short time after his death.

However, she claims that being together doesn’t change how she felt about Mikey.