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Flight attendants find bags of gold bars hidden in airplane lavatories

By Mason White 12:22 PM July 12, 2017
Gold bars (illustration)
Gold bars (illustration)
By: Mason White

Police are trying to find out who hid bags of gold bars in an airplane’s lavatories, according to police in Japan.

Osaka police said that they were called to inspect the Vanilla Air flight after flight attendants found the suspicious bags in two of the airplane’s lavatories.

According to the police investigation, the Vanilla Air flight took-off from Taipei, Taiwan, and arrived at the Kansai International Airport, early on Sunday.

After all the passengers disembarked from the plane, the flight attendants inspected the lavatories. They were shocked to discover several bags hidden behind the panels of two lavatories.

Osaka and Japan Customs agents boarded the plane and took possession of the bags. When they were opened, officers found that the bags were filled with gold bars.

Police believe that the gold bars were placed on the plane by a smuggling ring. So far, no arrests have been made.