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Police question 5-year-old boy for sexting and sending nude photos of himself to friends

By Mason White 1:08 PM July 13, 2017
Girl taking selfie (illustration)
Girl taking selfie (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

A very young boy has been detained by police for sending nude photos of himself to his friends, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Durham police said that they investigated and cautioned the 5-year-old boy who had been sending nude photos and sexting with friends on social media sites.

In total, police have warned more than 400 children under the age of 12, who were engaged in online sexting. Sexting is the term used for those who exchange sexually explicit material on electronic devices.

Northumbria Police have warned a 10-year-old boy, who exchanged nude images on the social media app Oovoo.

The Greater Manchester Police said that they have investigated hundreds of underage sexting cases, including four 7 year olds and four 8 year olds.

In most cases, the children thought that the nude images would only be seen by the recipients, but they later went viral on social media sites.

Police have urged parents to speak to their children about the dangers of sharing nude images on the Internet with anyone.

Children could be charged with sharing child porn even if they send around nude pictures of themselves. So far, no charges have been filed against youngsters for sexting.