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Convicted felon accidentally shot friend and dumped him at Walmart instead of hospital

By Mason White 12:36 PM July 13, 2017
Michael Hannigan
Michael Hannigan
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A convicted felon is in a lot of trouble after he dumped his injured friend at Walmart.

Michael Hannigan, 34, of Gainesville, Florida, invited his friend Shane Russell and a woman to his home, where they were drinking alcohol.

At about 3:00 p.m., Hannigan removed his .38 caliber pistol from a speaker where he kept it hidden.

He handled the weapon while drinking alcohol, according to Gainesville Police, and he accidentally fired a shot, hitting Russell on the torso.

According to the report, the victim asked Hannigan and the woman to call the police, but Hannigan decided not to do so because as a convicted felon for violently resisting an officer,
he is not allowed to own a gun.

Hannigan and the woman placed Russell in the back seat of his car. Instead of driving him to a hospital, they drove him to the nearest Walmart and dumped him there.

They left Russell in the parking lot near the main entrance, according to the report.

Russell managed to call 911 for help and told the operator that he was about to die, according to police.

Police identified Hannigan and the witness in connection with the incident. Hannigan was arrested and he handed the gun over to police.

Hannigan remains in the Alachua County Prison on $285,000 bond. He faces charges of culpable negligence, possession of a weapon as a convicted felon and tampering with evidence.

Police are still investigating the role that the woman played in the incident.