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Woman refuses to return phone she stole from boy moments after he jumped into river

By Mason White 1:23 PM July 14, 2017
The woman taking the phone
The woman taking the phone
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A family in China, is asking people to help them identify a woman who was seen stealing a phone from their deceased brother.

Surveillance footage shows a 17-year-old boy of the Hubei Province, jumping off a bridge to his death early last Friday morning.

He left only a cell phone behind on the sidewalk. About six minutes later, a woman was seen bending down at that exact spot. She picked up the phone and left.

The teenager’s grieving sister has been desperately trying to retrieve that phone as she believes it may contain clues as to why her brother decided to end his life.

On Sunday, the woman finally answered her brother’s cell phone.

The woman explained that she found the discarded phone on the bridge. After the deceased boy’s sister explained that the phone belonged to her brother and asked for it to be returned, the woman quickly ended the call.

A short time later, the woman contacted the boy’s family and demanded money in exchange for the phone. The family agreed to pay her in order to get the phone back.

However, the woman later changed her mind, saying that she decided to keep it.

Since then, the cell phone has been turned off. The boy’s sister has no way of contacting the woman.