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Top security official in Mexico resigns after son caught leading kidnapping ring

By Mason White 1:25 PM July 14, 2017
The three suspects
The three suspects
By: Mason White

The top security official in Puebla, Mexico, has announced his resignation after police revealed that his son was leading a criminal gang engaging in kidnapping people.

Police said that they have arrested 27-year-old Silvestre Anibal Garma Lopez, after being accused of kidnapping a man and demanding money from him in exchange for his freedom.

After police publicized the arrested, Silvestre Anibal Garma Arenas has resigned from his post as the leader of the C5 integrated security control center.

According to the police investigation, officers made a traffic stop on a highway. When the vehicle stopped, they found Lopez and several gang members.

One of the passengers in the vehicle suddenly yelled that he was kidnapped by Lopez and the two other passengers.

The victim told police that Lopez forced him to sign a promissory note for $70,000 in exchange for his freedom.

Police later learned that Lopez led a gang behind numerous kidnappings and extortion schemes.