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Doctors cut off man’s toe and attach it to hand replacing thumb severed by bull

By Mason White 2:51 PM July 16, 2017
Zac Mitchell
Zac Mitchell
By: Tanya Clark

A young man of Australia, who lost his thumb while tending to bulls on a farm, underwent surgery during which doctors replaced his severed limb with a toe.

20-year-old Zac Mitchell, who works on a farm in Sophie Downs Station, encountered a wild bull that slammed into him.

As a result, his finger got caught in a fence and it was cut off.

He and his friends quickly placed the severed thumb in a water cooler among frozen beer cans. His hand was patched up and he was taken to a hospital in Perth, where doctors tried twice to reattach the severed thumb.

Unfortunately, too much time passed, and the surgeries were not successful. A doctor in Sydney, the recommended to cut off his big toe and use it to replace his lost thumb.

At first, Mitchell rejected the idea, saying that he would rather get a plastic thumb, but after learning that the fake finger will be useless, he finally agreed.

Doctors then cut off his big toe and sewed it onto his hand, where his thumb once was. Mitchell recovered remarkably fast, and is able to maneuver his toe just like his thumb.

Mitchell also said that losing his big toe did not impact his balance or walking. Doctors believe that in 12 months, Mitchell will be able to continue working on his farm.