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Husband left wife when she finally gave birth after 20 years of trying because baby was crying too much

By Mason White 12:47 PM July 16, 2017
Atifa Ljajic, Serif Nokic with their baby
Atifa Ljajic, Serif Nokic with their baby
By: William Martin

A woman tried having a baby for 20 years, and when her dreams finally came true, her husband left her.

60-year-old Atifa Ljajic of Russia, spend three months in the hospital during her last trimester before she gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

However, her happiness came with some heartbreak when her husband announced that he was breaking up with her.

68-year-old Serif Nokic of Novi Pazar, Serbia, said that he is too old to put up with the baby’s crying. “I am a sick man, I am a diabetic, and I have a weak heart,” he said.

Nokic said that his wife wanted to have a baby for the past 20 years. He on the other hand did not want a baby. At first, he tried to discourage her, but eventually he got on board to make his wife happy.

However, when reality hit him and the baby would not stop crying, Nokic decided that he was too old to care for the child and that his health would be suffering due to the lack of sleep.

Ljajic underwent IVF and she used the sperm of a donor to conceive so the baby is not Nokic’s biological child.

The newly single mother named her baby Alina Ljajic, as Nokic refused to claim the baby or give her his last name.

When he was asked how he feels about abandoning the new mother and her daughter, Nokic said: “She got what she wanted, now she is happy.”

Ljajic is indeed very happy that her lifelong dream of being a mother has finally happened for her. Ljajic said that she will do whatever she needs to give her daughter the best life possible despite being a single mother.