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Seven women and four men stabbed to death during child’s birthday party

By Mason White 12:54 PM July 17, 2017
Birthday cake (illustration)
Birthday cake (illustration)
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A child’s birthday party in Mexico, turned tragic when people armed with knives burst into the home where the celebration took place.

The knife wielding attackers stabbed and slashed 11 people at the child’s birthday party in Tizayuca, near Mexico City.

In a news conference, Hidalgo state prosecutor Javier Ramiro Lara Salinas, said that the preliminary investigation suggested the attack was carried out to “settle some scores.”

Among the victims were two minors and a man who was carrying a card that identified him as a police officer in Mexico City.

Lara said that the owner of the house had served time in a prison after being convicted of kidnapping.

Police were called, and by the time they arrived, the they found
11 bodies. Seven of the victims were women and four others were men. Two were minors, state officials said.

All of them were killed with knives or other sharp weapons. Four children survived the attack and were unharmed.