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2-year-old girl falls to her death after 5-year-old boy pranks her by leaving her in elevator alone

By Mason White 12:45 PM July 17, 2017
The boy carrying the girl into the elevator
The boy carrying the girl into the elevator
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) A shocking video shows the moment a young boy pranked a toddler by placing her in an elevator and leaving her there all by herself.

In the video, three children were seen playing in the elevator of a residential high-rise in Changsha, and were riding up and down unsupervised.

When the children reached the 9th floor of the building, they got out.

Surveillance video showed a 5-year-old boy grabbing the 2-year-old girl and placing her back into the elevator.

He pressed the button for the 18th floor of the building, and he quickly walked out of the elevator and left the girl there alone.

The toddler seemed to have panicked and was seen trying to open the door. When the elevator stopped the 2-year-old got out.

The girl who was all alone, walked close to an open window that did not have bars and she fell to her death.