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Rich bank executive uses baby stroller to shoplift from Whole Foods

By Mason White 4:35 PM July 18, 2017
Jordan Lupu
Jordan Lupu
By: William Martin

An investment banker in New York, has appeared before a judge after he was caught with food that he did not pay for.

42-year-old Jordan Lupu of Manhattan, was shopping at a Whole Foods on Greenwich Street in Tribeca, with his two children.

He was pushing a double stroller and he walked towards the entrance of the store with his groceries without paying for them.

A store security guard stopped him and found $210 worth of items in the basket underneath the stroller.

Lupu, the co-head of global prime brokerage at BMO Capital Markets, lives in a $3 million home just a few blocks from the store.

He was given a desk appearance ticket.

Attorney Andrew Lankler said that his client denied the charges. He called the case a misunderstanding.

Lankler claims that his client was pushing the stroller with his young kids when he wanted to check a price for an item that was located close to the exit.

He said that the only way for his client to reach the item without leaving his children alone was to walk towards the door where the item was placed.

“He never left the store or had any intention of leaving the store without paying for the items,” Lankler said.

When he appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court, the banker accepted a deal of an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal.

The father did not have to admit guilt in the alleged thefts. Instead, he was ordered to stay out of trouble. If he complies and does not reoffend within six months, the charges will be dropped and the case sealed.