Brothers beat sister-in-law with hockey sticks for giving birth to girl

Brothers beaten sister-in-law with hockey sticks
Brothers beaten sister-in-law with hockey sticks
By: Mason White

Two brothers and their friends used hockey sticks to beat their sister-in-law for giving birth to a girl, according to police in India.

Punjab police said that they have arrested three of the suspects after a video of them beating the woman with hockey sticks went viral on the Internet.

The suspects have been charged with threatening to kill, trespass and voluntary causing hurt.

According to the police investigation, 35-year-old Meena Kashyap got married to Daljit Singh. At some point, the two families began fighting about an unpaid dowry.

When Kashyap gave birth to a girl instead of a boy, her husband and his family became extremely angry and refused to accept the child.

Singh's two brothers and another man identified as Gaurav, armed themselves with hockey sticks and beat the woman.

The suspects also recorded the abuse. The woman filed a complaint with the police, but no arrests were made.

After the video of the attack went viral, police arrested the three suspects.