Woman helps husband rape and impregnate 14-year-old girl after offering to raise her when her father died

Ene Chidozie
Ene Chidozie
By: William Martin  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

A man was arrested after raping a 14-year-old girl he was raising and sending her back to her mother when she fell pregnant.

Ene Chidozie of Ikare, Nigeria, was arrested for raping the girl after he and his wife offered to raise her when she was orphaned.

The girl's widowed mother who lives in Enugu, has four other children, and did not have money to pay for school.

When the businessman and his wife offered to raise her, give her a good life and pay for her school in exchange for the girl doing housework, the mother and the victim agreed.

14-year-old Chinecherem Chinze told police that one day, the woman took her into the master bedroom, where her husband lied naked in the bed.

The woman ordered her to have sex with her husband. When she refused, the couple forced her into the act.

The woman held her down while her husband raped the girl. After she became pregnant, the couple took the girl back to her mother in Enugu.

While Chidozie is being held in prison, he and his wife agreed to pay for the care of the baby.