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American Airlines Flight attendant caught with 30 bullets at Japanese airport

By Mason White 11:28 AM July 20, 2017
American Airlines (illustration)
American Airlines (illustration)
By: William Martin

People are demanding answers as to how an American Airlines flight attendant was able to carry bullets onto a plane without anyone noticing.

The unidentified flight attendant, about 50 years old, was detained by security in Japan, after he was found with the bullets at the Narita International Airport in Tokyo.

The man was preparing to return to the United States on his duty flight, when airport security discovered 30 bullets in his carry-on bag during a security screening.

The flight attended cooperated with police in Japan, and said that he accidentally brought the ammunition with him.

Shockingly, the man had passed through multiple security checkpoints at airports in the United States, where carrying the bullets is illegal, as well as in an airport in Japan.

Authorities in Japan, said that they are investigating the incident as they are trying to understand how the flight attendant was able to make it through customs with the ammunition when he first arrived in Japan.

The flight attended was later released after it was determined that he was not a threat. He headed back to Dallas, Texas.