Family gets HIV tests after finding dirty catheter in ice cream

Ice cream (illustration)
Ice cream (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

A family in Canada, was eating ice cream while celebrating their birth of a baby boy.

However, the celebration turned into a nightmare when one of the guests consumed ice cream that contained a piece of a dirty catheter.

The ice cream had been bought at a grocery store in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec.

Carole-Anne Christofferson said that her grandfather ate the Coaticook brand ice cream when he felt something hard in his mouth.

At first, he thought it was one of the flavorings, which contained pecans, chocolate and double caramel. When he was unable to chew it, the elderly man removed the item, and he discovered that it was a piece of a catheter.

The catheter was dirty at the end. The family couldn't tell if it was caramel or blood.

The family called the Quebec's health line and were told to go to a hospital to be tested for HIV, as well as for Hepatitis A, B, and C.

The family was also informed that they would need to be tested for the next six months to make sure they have not contracted any diseases.

Jean Provencher, the owner of Coaticook, said: "We have so many internal controls here and in food production in general that having something like that show up in a food item, is not normal."

She added that they are checking surveillance video to see how this occurred. Based on the product's lot number, the company knows exactly what day the ice cream was made.

The company maintains it is safe to consume its products.

Agents from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency will be at Coaticook to investigate the incident.